• Custom & repair work
  • Shower base
  • Wall liners
  • Handicap access alterations
  • Acrylic liners
  • Seamless marble
  • Marble restoration
  • Marble repair


Acrylic Liners are a long-term alternative to refinishing. The saying is "cover your old with new" and that is what we do. We take several measurements of your shower base, along with pictures, and send them off to our manufacturers. They will identify your shower base and mild a liner so it will fit like a glove. It is then butyl taped and siliconed of the existing unit for a nice, tight fit. Wall come 981/2" tall by 38" wide with bull nosed outside edges on right and left walls for a soft finished look. For most bathrooms your walls will go to the ceiling. The silicone we use matches whatever color you choose so when it is siliconed together it has a seamless look. The silicone is very durable and contains a mildewcide and fungicide. The acrylic surfaces come in white, biscuit, almond, gray, pewter, pearl, in solid colors and in three granite and marble colors. If you need new fixtures our licensed plumber can do that at the same time. We offer several shampoo caddies, soap dishes, ceiling panels and grab bars. Our technicians are also capable of installing shower doors.

Acrylic is a high-gloss non-porous finish, which will not stain or yellow and is very easy to clean. Normal cleaning should be done once a week, consisting of a full-strength liquid dish detergent, on a sponge and towel dried. For heavy build-up use a pump spray such as Fantastic.

The beauty of using a liner is that you don't have to go through a week or two of construction and mess. We dot in one to two days - brand new - no construction mess or crew.

We provide a standard lifetime warranty on defects.

With the use of "Walk Through Conversions" we can modify your existing bathroom to accommodate a variety of handicap accessibility and safety requirements. We offer a variety of ways to make your life easier when it comes to bathing or showering. This conversion process can be done at less than half of what it would cost to start fresh with full bathroom remodel construction process. For example, we can convert a tub to a shower on your existing unit and then install grab bars where you enter and where you sit or stand. Permanent and fold away seats can then be fabricated into the design of your new bathing facility.

Are any of your floors too slick creating a heightened risk of falling? We can convert these surfaces from textured to non-skid. Perhaps a ramp is required to allow for shower access? Whatever your needs are, just bring them to us and we will make it happen, you can count on us to make your bathroom a more accessible and safer facility with the least amount of cost and time possible.

When refinishing your surfaces we use one of the toughest paint and clear coat systems in the nation, with an average of four coats per application. Not only will this paint add years to your refinished product but it will also create a much easier surface to clean. If your current tub or sink is not coming clean and looking dingy, you are a perfect candidate for refinishing.

While refinishing your surfaces we offer a few extras like multiple patterns or textured floors, new drain shoes, overflow plates, caulking and shower doors.

Cleanup of your new finish is easy, simply wipe with a wet sponge and liquid dish detergent or for extra heavy build up, just spray Fantastic and then wipe down.

Let us bring your tub or sink back to life, and save you time and money in the process!

If the item you need refinished is not listed here feel free to just ask us if it is possible!
Items we refinish
Ceramic tiles
Types of materials
Cultured marble

Repairs have always been a specialty for us. You have to have a passion for what you do to perform a high quality professional job, and we have that passion. Our reputation proves our passion as we receive more than 4,000 repair items through our company a year from several builders, manufacturers, plumbers, kitchen and batch companies. Our reputation is the highest in the field. Below is a list of some of the most common items we are asked to repair. If the item you need repaired is not listed here feel free to just ask us if it is possible!
Items we repair
Counter tops



Vanity tops

Windows frames

Chipped appliances

Fireplace hearths
(marble & granite)

Metal doors


(aluminum & marble)

(fiberglass & marble)

Types of repair




Hole patches

Sanding & buffing

Re-veining marble


New fiberglass floors
(tubs & showers)

Types of materials



Cultured marble
(man made / poured)







Stainless steel

Vitreous china


Thompson Fiberglass is proud to announce that we have developed a process to create Seamless Cultured Marble fixtures.

Most cultured marble fixtures are modular in design. While this "modular" design allows for easier shipping and installation it has the drawbacks of:

  • Each seam provides a potential location for water leakage
  • Each seam can collect dirt, soap scum etc and can be hard to clean
  • Re-caulking of the seams might be necessary over the life of the unit

    To resolve these drawbacks we have developed a process that overcomes these drawbacks by creating a seamless solid surface. The surface our unique process creates overcomes the weaknesses of standard modular cultured marble by:
  • Not requiring caulk - EVER.
  • Providing no place for water and dirt to collect eliminating the possibility of water leakage and providing easier cleaning.

    We believe in the quality and dependability so much that we provide a standard lifetime warranty on defects for all of our seamless cultured marble fixtures.